Xmaru Pro

Medical still image SW solution (General Radiography Imaging Solution)

Image processing of low-dose acquisition images

Provides clear X-ray image quality

AI-based Chest X-ray Auxiliary Diagnostic Image Solution

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Premium Image Processing

Clear ON is an image processing engine specialized for medical diagnosis and helps efficient diagnosis

The Advanced De-Noising algorithm is enhanced to enhance the sharpness of the image and enable detailed reading of fine areas.

Rayance's Virtual Grid algorithm eliminates X-ray scattering lines without a grid

30% reduction in dose compared to Grid use

Same effect as Grid without Grid in a mobile environment

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Bone and Soft Tissue are clearly legible

Handle even the smallest parts of the image

AI-based Chest X-ray Auxiliary Diagnostic Image Solution

Automatically detect major lesions when reading chest X-ray images to improve diagnostic efficiency and accuracy

Helps medical staff make quick and accurate decisions in an X-ray environment

Assist in image reading by learning whether major abnormal findings are observed in chest X-ray images

Nodule / Mass

Interstitial Opacity




Diagnosis is possible without a separate reference book (test speed: ≤ 2 sec)

All-In-One Workstation SW

Xmaru Pro is an all-in-one image viewer & image processing program specialized for acquisition, adjustment and management of images taken with a rayance detector.

It enables easy and fast data management for accurate diagnosis and work efficiency, and provides various functions for user convenience such as Auto Stitching and image adjustment tools.

Multilingual support (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, etc.)

is an image viewer program specialized for X-ray image acquisition and image processing taken with a digital detector for ray retrofit mammography.

DICOM 3.0 Compatible

QXLink 3 (Xmaru PACS) compatibility

Support for interlocking external devices: Generator, U-arm, collimator, area dosimeter (DAP), etc

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