Xmaru View V1

Still image SW solution for medical (General Radiography Imaging Solution)

Provides the convenience centered around users such as quick image acquisition, image viewing, and replay.

Easy to manage video image and search data

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The right way for medical image
processing, XmaruView V1

Console software to support the running, management and acquisition of digital X-ray images

Connection between detector and X-ray generator and image acquisition

Allows users to search and access images, case studies, and patient records management.

X-ray imaging solution designed considering user-friendly environment such as efficient work flow as well as DICOM compatibility and large data processing

X-ray image processing

Acquires diagnostic images (no adjustment required).

Integration software for automatic image optimization

Professional image processing for diagnosis

Easy observation of bones and microstructures

Improved workflow and intuitive GUI

Intuitive direct graphic user interface using X-ray detector and generator

Optimized exposure conditions and image review

Reduces unnecessary rework and tests.

All-In-One Workstation SW

All-In-One SW specialized for acquisition, adjustment and management of images
taken with Rayence’s detector.

You can manage the data easily and speedily with this program for accurate diagnosis and work efficiency.

The SW provides various functions for user convenience such as Auto Stitching and image adjustment tool.

Supports multi-language including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese (18 languages).

is an image viewer program specialized for X-ray image acquisition and image processing, photographed with a digital detector for Rayance General Radiography.
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