Ez Dent Vet

Dental image diagnosis solution for animals

Software only for Vet Dental, to which veterinary dental interface is applied

Improves work efficiency and diagnosis accuracy with intuitive and convenient workflow.

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Wide Range for View

Software only for Vet Dental use that acquires images using I/O (intra oral) sensors for animals

It is easy to shoot in the operating room and doctor's office of a veterinary hospital, etc., and you can diagnose by quickly checking the images taken.

Software only for Vet Dental

Compliance with DICOM standard and excellent image processing

Provides an optimized image viewer and Image Control.

Simple workflow and intuitive UI/UX

Report function of EzDent Vet

EzDent Vet's Filming Workflow

Multi Language

Provides multi-language version (11 languages supported).
is a Vet Dental's dedicated imaging solution to which Image Processing technology for animals is applied.
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