Xmaru PACS is a scalable and affordable Picture Archiving and Communication System tailored to the needs of small, single-site imaging environments such as Chiropractic and Orthopedic clinics and primary care and specialty medical practices. Xmaru PACS is designed to support up to six modalities allowing you to quickly and easily acquire, view and manage any type of DICOM medical images.



Server which simultaneously acquires and stores exams from DICOM compliant modalities.



Viewer which provides the ability to review and read exams on Xmaru PACs. Includes all standard and many enhanced DICOM Viewer capabilities including:

  • Measurement tools allowing multiple measurements on a single image
  • View virtually unlimited number of exams simultaneously (Limited only by PC resources)
  • View multiple series simultaneously in a variety of screen layouts
  • Easily scroll through images using keyboard or mouse controls
  • One button zoom to actual size (Without monitor calibration)
  • One button reset image to original state
  • Easily auto-apply image display parameters (zoom factor, win/lvl, flili state, etc.) to all images in series or to all series
  • Speed controllable Cine Function for multi-image animation with loop or bounce option
  • Easily copy images to Windows Clipboard or export images to BMP, JPG or DICOM files for use in other applications or for training or demonstration
  • DICOM printing with true size options
  • To media allows the user to save images as DICOM files which can be anonymized before saving. Images can be burned directly to a local workstation CD burner.

System Requirements

Monitor Resolution (w x h) 1,920 x 1,080 (Optimized)
CPU Intel Core™ i5 or more
Memory 4GB or more
Video Card Intel GMA 950 or more Intel GMA X3500 or more Nvidia Geforce FX5200 or more ATI Radeon 9000 or more 256MB or more (No Shared Memory)
Operating System Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) Professional Window 8 (32bit/64bit)

The specifications listed on this website are subject to change without prior notification.

  • This product is a medical device and the users must read the "Precautions" and "Usage" thoroughly.
  • Advertising deliberation acquired : Deliberation number 2017-I10-18-1318
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