Rayence announce Fiscal 2019 Financial results



Rayence announce Fiscal 2019 Financial results   



Rayence (CEO Tae-woo, Kim, www.rayence.com), a leading supplier of digital X-ray solutions and materials announces fiscal 2019 financial results.

The company reported revenues of KRW 126.1 billion and net profit of KRW 22.8 billion. Revenues increased by 8.4% and net profit increased by 7.9 % year-over-year.  


Excluding the operations of family companies, Rayence alone generated the revenues of KWR 106.3 billion and net profit of KRW 26.3 billion during the fiscal year of 2019. Net profit margin was 24.8%.  



The continued growth in sales of key products-medical detectors, dental detectors and IOS led the increases in revenues.

Medical detector sales in 2019 increased by 11.5% to KRW 46.4 billion. And dental detector sales increased by 12.9% to KRW 57.8 billion compared to the fiscal year of 2018.  







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