Rayence won a ‘World Class Product of Korea’ award by KOTRA




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▲ Rayence's senior developer, Lee Jea-seok is posing with the award at the World Cass Product of Korea Award ceremony on Nov. 21, 2019 

Rayence ( www.rayence.com, CEO Kim Tae-woo) announced on November 21 that its line of real-time imaging detectors won a ‘World Class Product of Korea’ award by KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency).

Both NDT 1215 and NDT 0505 are CMOS sensors specialized in real-time imaging acquisition. they are applied to various NDT inspection solutions that search defects in high-tech components such as storage battery, PCB for android, die casting and semi-conductors.

The demand for real-time imaging sensors has been on a rise as the market for NDT inspection equipment is growing. Currently, Rayence makes up 11% of the global CMOS detector market, which is estimated worth of USD 38 million. Overall, the company is the third biggest global manufacturer of CMOS detector, next to Dalsa (Canada) and Varex (United States). Rayence CEO Kim Tae-woo said “We are delighted that our real-time imaging detector won public recognition and affirmed by the market. The market for industrial inspection solution is growing in size and has a lot of potentials to expand in the future, yet only a few with advanced technology were able to make a successful entry. Thanks to our ability to advance our customer's needs, Rayence is rapidly catching up with the top-tiers in the market. At this rate, I am confident that the company will soon be standing amongst global leading players within a few years." 

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