MIDAS 2121

0909 inch

World First The Largest Size CMOS 
Premium Dynamic Detector
World First The Largest Size CMOS 12”
Premium X-ray Image by High Resolution
ADC on Chip
Premium Image Quality without Lag
  • Superior SNR with lower noise through ADC on chip to its competitors
  • Premium CMOS technology for Precision Inspection
    • Pixel size : 90um
  • Premium Interface for High Speed
    • Frame rate : 30fps (@1x1)
High Resolution CMOS Detector
by ADC on chip

[IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuit]Paper Contributed

  • Excellent SNR with noise reduction by ADC on chip
    • 12% Higher SNR than competitor
  • Minimize the noise path by converting analog signals from inside to digital and outputs them to outside
Design for large-array CMOS
in real-time Imaging Detector
  • Standard models in a range of pixel and detector sizes
  • Large Size Inspection in CMOS Detector
    • Support up to 21 x 21cm
  • Robust mechanical design
Sensor Type




Total Pixel Matrix (Pixels)

2304 x 2256 (@1x1)
1152 x 1128 (@2x2)

Active Area (mm)

207.4 x 203.0

Pixel Pitch (㎛)

90 (@1x1)
180 (@2x2)

Frame Rate (fps)

10/ (15/30 ) (@1x1)
30/ (30/30) (@2x2)
*GigE/C-link (Base/Medium)

Energy Range (kVp)


Power Consumption

Typ. 11.5

A/D Conversion (bits)

14 / 16

Data Interface

GigE / C-link(Base/Medium)

Dimension (mm)

245 X 245 X 55

Weight (kg)

3.2 (TBD)

  • Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve product performance.
  • Downloads are only supported for customers who have filled out information.
  • The image quality level may vary depending on the product usage environment.

  • Averaging : Remove the noise of image
  • Blending : Confirming the difference between levels
  • Line profile : Available to Image validation based on ASTM Standard.
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