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Rayency Co. Ltd. (and its website) is committed to meeting the obligations of the protection of personal information complies with "Personal Information Protection Act" and other related privacy regulations. The company website informs the purposes or handling methods of personal information provided by a subject of information and actions taken for securing personal information through the personal information management policy. This policy shall enter into force from the date 30/09/2011.When the contents of personal information management is modified by contents adding, deletion, or alteration, the notification will be made prior to 7 days of renewal on the website.

  1. General policy

    The term "personal information" is the information such as name, resident registration number, and image that can identify a person (including information that cannot identify a spedific person, but can identigy easily by combining with other information). The term "subject of information" means a person who can be identified by the managed information and therefore is the subject of the given piece of information.

    The company provides the privacy policy on the website (http://www.The so that the subject of information is always able to access it and the revision of the privacy policy is also released via the website (or indivisually informed).

  2. Items and methods of personal information collection

    The company website collects the following personal information.

    • Items: name, email address, contacts information, nationality, company name, product's name, product's serial number
    • Methods: Website (download and inquiry) The connection IP may be collected during the web service.
  3. Purpose of personal information

    The company website collects personal information for the following purposes.

    • Identifying users, counselling customers and providing technical supports, handling complaintns and customer services, replying questions and concerns, marketing and advertising, delivering notifications, downloading resources, etc.
  4. Retention and holding period of personal information

    The company website destroys personal information when the personal information becomes unnecessary as its retention period expires or its purpose is achieved.

    The company retains information for a specified period for the following reasons.

    • Item: Personal information of the one who used the Inquiry board on a website, or who requested technical supports
    • Reason: To handle the requests for customer inquiries and techical supports Period held: 1 year


  5. Destruction of personal information

    The personal information, when it achieved its purpose, is destroyed by the following methods.

    • Electronic file: Destroy electronic fiels permanently so that it is unable to be reproduced
    • Printed or wirtten information, document, and other types of recorded medium: Shred or incinerate
  6. Provision of personal information to the third party

    The company website uses personal information under the scope of the intended purpose, and never use personal information or provide/disclose the third person with personal information beyon the scope of the intended purpose.

    Only the exceptions are the following cases.

    • In case that a consent of a subject of information is obtained
    • In case that there are special regulations in any other Acts
    • In case that it is regarded necessary for life and physical safety, and property interests of a subject of information or a third person when the subject of information or his or her legal represntative cannot give prior consent since he or she is in a state of not being able to express his or her intention or of his or her unidentified address
    • In case that personal information is provided in a form that a certain person may not be identified when personal information is required for the purpose of statistics compiling or academic research
  7. Entrustment of personal information management

    The company website dose not entrust personal information to a third party.

  8. Rights of a subject of information and methods of exercising rights

    A subject of information can request for inspection, correction, deletion, or suspention of information management. The request can be denied or restricted by the following cases.

    • In case that there are special regualation in the Act or there are any unavoidable causes to meet legal obligations.
    • In case that there is a possibility to harm others' lives or physical safety, or unreasonably infringe on others' property and other interests.
    • In case that a subject of information dose not clearly express his or her intention to terminate the contract when a contract may be failed, such as unabling to provide a subject of information with stipulated services, unless the personal information is not managed.

    A subject of information who wants to inspect personal information can submit a claim to the division in charge to ask for inspection, correction, deletion, or suspention of information with writing, email, or fax.

    (For information about the division in charge, refer to "11. Customer services on personal information.")

    The company should take a proper action within 10 days unless there are justifiable reasons and it should inform a subject of information about the reason for restriction or denial information if there are justifiable reasons restriction or denial. The company can require a subject of information or his or her legal representative to present an ID such as residnet registration or official electronic signature to confirm their identities when a subject of information or his or her legal representative are asking for inspection of personal information.

  9. Installation and operation of device for automatic personal information collection, and denial

    The company website uses 'cookie' to frequently search and save user information. Cookie is a tiny text file that the operation server sends to users' browers and saved on users' computers. The company uses 'cookie' for the following purposes.

    • Analyze the frequency or time period of users' websites visiting to identify their tastes and interests or follow the trace
    • Understand the number of times of event participation or website visiting to provide users with user-targeted marketing or personalized services

    Users can select cookie to install. Therefore users can allow all cookies, check whenever cookies are enabled, or decline to save all cookies by setting web browser options.

    E.g. (for Internet Explorer) Select the 'Tools > Internet Options' menu, select the 'Privacy' tab, and then adjust the slider to block or allow various cookies. If cookie installation is denied, available services may be limited.

  10. Securing personal information

    Raycence takes following actions to prevent the information management from loss, theft, leakage, alteration, or corruption.

    • Technical actions
      • The company complies the standard as provided by the law for the safe storage or transfer personal information.
      • The company prevent from a potential virus attack with antivirus programs.
      • The company concentrates all its effort on security with the firewall and vulnerability analysis systems on each server to prevent from cyber attacks such as hacking.
    • Admnistrative actions
      • The company restricts the access to personal information in accordance with the authority: the personnel who performs sales or marketing in person with a subject of information, the personnel who manages personal information, the personnel who should handle personal information for other tasks.
      • The company carries out a regulary education of securing personal information to staff who handles information, and the company manages and administrates them to comply with the legislations on personal information.
    • Physical actions
      • The company take safety actions with preventive physical control such as locking devices for safe storage of personal information and its management system.
      • The company controls the access to information by designating computer center or archives and record storage as special safety area
  11. Customer services on personal information

    The company assigns a person in charge of securing personal information to protect personal information and handle complaints from a subject of information.

    The person in charge of securing personal information: Jeon Young-kyeong chief engineer

    • Division: Strategy making team
    • TE : +82-31-8015-6426
    • Fax : +82-31-8015-6300
    • Email : [email protected]
    • Business hour: (Mon - Fri) 09:00 - 18:00

    Please contact the following agency to report or inquire for other violation of personal information.

    • Privacy Information Violation Report Center ( / +82-118)
    • Information Protection Mark Certification Committee ( / +82-2-580-0533~4)
    • Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office - Cybercrime Unit ( / +82-2-3480-2000)
    • National Police Agency - Cyber Bureau ( / +82-2-392-0330)
  12. Notification policy

    When the contents of personal information management is modified by contents adding, deletion, or alteration, the notification will be made prior to 7 days of renewal.

    • Notification date: 01/09/2011
    • Enforcement date: 30/09/2011
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