23 x 23 cm

Optimized design for C-arm application
  • Compact design for space utilization and mobility efficiency (6x6 / 9x9 inch)
Low noise is achieved by advanced CMOS technology
  • High DQE
  • High sensitivity with less noise
  • Enables get good Image quality at reduced dose more than 30%
  • Excellent contrast characteristics at dense, thick objects.
Quick diagnosis avaliable at high frame rate
  • High frame rate (max. 30 fps)
  • High & Quick diagnostic accuracy
Sensor Type




Total Pixel Matrix (Pixels)

1120 x 1120 (@1x1)
560 x 560 (@2x2)

Active Area (mm)

201.6 x 201.6

Pixel Pitch (㎛)

180 (@1x1)
360 (@2x2)​​

Frame Rate (fps)

33 (@1x1)
75 (@2x2)

Energy Range (kVp)

40 ~ 160

Resolution (lp/mm)

180 : 2.7
360 : 1.3

A/D Conversion (bits)

14 / 16

Data Interface

GigE / C-link

Dimension (mm)

245 x 245 x 55

Weight (kg)


  • This product is medical device, and users must carefully read and follow the safety instructions before operating it.
  • Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve product performance.
  • Downloads are only supported for customers who have filled out information.
  • The image quality level may vary depending on the product usage environment.

  • Intuitive GUI image acquisition software
  • Improved workflow by advanced Image processing
  • Easy observation for bones and microstructures

  • No grid anti scatter algorithm by GridON
  • Innovative x-ray Image processing for medical

  • An image viewer specialized for fluoroscopy
  • Image solution which is customized for fast X-ray image acquisition
  • Can support continuous X-ray shooting mode.
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